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Hi. I am a musician and a gamer. That’s it right now. XD

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Posted by XCoolGuyGamerX - September 14th, 2017

Sorry, I have been really busy, and I forgot to tell you guys, I have talked to @TomFulp. He was great help and he had removed the ban! Thank you so much @TomFulp and everyone who supported my through this! I’ll get right back to making music!

Posted by XCoolGuyGamerX - September 3rd, 2017

Most of my songs have been taken down due to copyright issues. I didn’t know you couldn’t use GarageBand, so all my GarageBand songs have been taken down and I cannot upload music for about a year. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Sorry guys, I had no idea. :(


Posted by XCoolGuyGamerX - September 2nd, 2017

Okay, if you read my feed, you would have seen that once all my songs in the album, Innocent VS The Murderer, had 500 listens all together, I’d upload the final two songs the day I saw it. We have 500, so I am uploading this one, now the final song! Enjoy!

Posted by XCoolGuyGamerX - August 17th, 2017

Hey guys! XCoolGuyGamerX here! I am just checking in, how is everyone liking my new album, Innocent VS Murderer! I have the final 2 songs ready. Do you guys want them out now? I also have another song waiting to be uploaded. Anyway, if you guys want the final two songs of the album out now! If you do, listen to the songs, in the album, and when all the songs all together have 500 listens, (NOT EACH!), I will uploaded the final two! Get listening! Thanks! :)

- XCoolGuyGamerX 


Posted by XCoolGuyGamerX - February 4th, 2017

Hi! I'm XCoolGuyGamerX and I literally just made my account 2 minutes ago! I will be uploading to this site once I've got the hang of it! Since I just made it I got no friends... Send me requests and I'll accept most of them! :)